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I suffered with a painful neck and shoulder for nine years and had tried various treatments which didn't really help. Steve diagnosed the source of the pain, after the first session my range of movement was much improved and after a course of treatment I have no pain or discomfort. His prices are also very fair. I would highly recommend Steve Button. March 2017, Sara E
I think Steven is excellent, and would highly recommend him. February 2017, Susan H
I would Highly recommend!! Steven always takes time to listen to what you to say, asking questions to fully understand your discomfort. Steven will discuss and work with you to reduce/eliminate any issues you may have. Couldn't ask for anything better. December 2016, Ellen
Highly Recommended. Steve Button is caring and professional in diagnosing issues and finding the most effective solutions for treatment. Additionally Steve offers guidance and support on how to manage my ongoing neck & back problems on a day to day basis which enables me to remain mobile & active. November 2016, Sue F
I have been to see Steve several times to sort out ongoing muscular back issues. He is really helpful and flexible to offer me slots I can make around work, always fixes me and doesn't judge. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of ongoing or quick fixes for injuries. March 24, 2015, HM, Project manager
Steve is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and thanks to his expertise I am able to manage my back problems effectively with minimal impact on my daily life. I have been availing of Steve's services for several years now and highly recommend him." Feb 2015, NB, Female, Manager
Great chiropractor. Has made a huge difference to me and my lifestyle. Fantastic treatment and advice to take away. Have recommended Steve to family and friends who all agree he is excellent at what he does. I wouldn't dream of seeing anyone else to help me." Feb 2015, GG, Female, Marketing Professional
Steve is a total miracle worker- I arrived in real pain unable to move and within two sessions was totally restored to normal. I would highly recommend Steve to anybody suffering from back pain. August 2012, EmSayer
I have suffered with a back problem for several years now with my back often going into spasm. Before finding Steve I have had to wait until I could drive again to get to see anyone. Steve is amazing, after a particularly bad bout and as I was already a patient, he came to the house on several occasions to treat me at home which helped get me out and about far quicker than on previous occasions. August 2012, SueBee
Steve has been my chiropractor for several years. I have had treatment from others previously but he is the best I have had. Even when I have had MRI scans etc Steve's diagnosis has always been entirely accurate. I am certain that I am kept as supple as I can be with his treatments. August 2012, Jean1950
I would thoroughly recommend Steven to anyone suffering from any muscular or skeletal issues. Always a 100% professional and quality service and more importantly he solves the problem / issue that I book the appointment for. Being a Sports Therapist / Gym owner myself I am confident that I use (and send my Personal Training clients to) Milton Keynes finest. August 2012, Fit4Life_Gym
I would thoroughly recommend Steve Button to anyone who has back or neck problems. He has treated me four times now over a few years and has always been able to pin point the problem and relieve pain very quickly. I'm also pregnant now and feel in safe hands. I had been trying to address back problems by going for massages but wish I had gone to him earlier.. it would have saved me a lot of money. July 2012, viv803
I have been using Steve as my Chiropractor for the last few years and he has always delivered a first class service. Being a Personal Trainer and Ice Hockey player I often need a tune up and whatever pain or strain I have been suffering from Steve has been able to decipher exactly what the problem is and implement effective treatment and after care. Steve is my recommendation to my clients as I would only send my people to the best. Darnell -, neck pain, 2011
I have been a patient of Steve's for about six years, during which time I have received excellent treatment from him for back, leg and shoulder problems. If my back "goes", I am confident that he will help me to stand upright and walk normally again. Steve has a calm and gentle approach, puts you at ease and takes time to explain the problem and answer questions. He also recommends simple and effective exercises to do at home, which aid the recovery process. I would highly recommend a visit to Steve to anyone experiencing joint or muscular pain! Carol, low back and shoulder pain, 2011
I've suffered with back problems for a number of years and seen many practitioners, without doubt Steve is the best. He takes time to listen, understand and professionally treat the problem. He does attempt to 'fob you off' with 'trendy jargon' purely to keep you returning and elongating treatment for financial gain. In short - He has a genuine interest in the patient Alan, Low back pain and neck pain, 2011
A very competent chiropractor, when you are in pain Steven will use all his skills to find a solution and get you on the move again. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Sue, Hip pain and low back pain, 2011
My teenage daughter saw Steve over a period of time with a shoulder injury caused by swimming. She always felt comfortable and happy with her visits which brought immense relief to her symptoms. Steve always took time to listen to any concerns or problems and assisted her with exercises and stretches to help her between visits. Yvonne, Shoulder pain
Steve has been very professional and puts you at ease. He always asks if you have any questions and is happy to answer them. Clare, Low back pain, Sep 2010
Really impressed as this is the first time I have been to a Chiropractor and I have had a huge improvement in only 4 visits Mandy, Low back pain, Aug 2010
Steven is very considerate and professional. He was able to pin point my problem and has made a lot of difference. He has eased my pain which has made my life a lot easier Mrs T, Shoulder pain, Aug 2010
Excellent treatment and very friendly Steve, Low back pain, 2010
I have great faith in Steve and have found my problem is gradually getting better. Many thanks for the good service. Mrs W, Neck pain, 2008
I would recommend to anyone! Alan, Neck and low back pain, 2008

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